What CC Produce can do for you


C&C Produce has 2 shifts of repack in order to service our customers needs. C&C feels there is a real growth opportunity in value-added packaging. Sara Wolfe is the quality control supervisor in charge of our repack program. She has been with C&C Produce for over 5 years. Sarah has attended classes at Rockhurst University in order to further educate herself and her staff. We have developed a packaged program that has helped retailers increase their sales by 18%, while reducing shrink by 8%. C&C Produce's repack program also has the ability to rework produce for growers/shippers.


Merchandising is the art of produce presentation, working with produce as a living paint brush to create a canvas of color variation or bold strokes of contrast. It is to design displays that capture the customers fancy, placing an image in their mind that produce has to be bought. All of these things express what goes through the head of a C&C Merchandiser. C&C Produce works to make sure merchandising is always done with enthusiasm, explosion of color, imagination, creativity, and fresh, exciting, and entertaining products and methods.