Largest Produce Warehouse in the Midwest


Since 1992, we’ve been maintaining customer relations through communication, superior product, quality service and on-time deliveries. We will cater to the individual needs and requirements of each customer no matter how large or small.


Commitment to the Customer

Serving Kansas City since 1992, with a team of employees catering to every individual customer through communication, superior produce and quality service

Our vision

To provide the highest quality, best value produce in the Midwest, executed by passionate teammates who exceed our customers’ expectations for the first time and every time.

Our mission

Our business is making your business better, since 1992

Our culture

To treat others as they want to be treated by creating a working environment of communication, fairness, appreciation, integrity and respect.

Cool Creations

Cool Creations prepares and packages cut fruits and vegetables for food service and retail customers on a daily basis. Items include are: cut fruits, vegetables, blends, trays and fresh salsa. Our products are made to order daily in our facility in North Kansas City, Missouri.


We Operate the Largest Produce Warehouse in the Midwest

We serve over 4,000 locations and have continued to grow each year. Our 200,000 square foot facility allows us to hold a large variety and inventory of product at the perfect temperature. Our offerings include:

  • 7-days a week deliveries
  • Same Day Delivery
  • 99% on-time delivery history
  • We service: MO, KS, NE, IA, OK, AR
  • Operate the largest locally grown produce program in the Midwest with over 100 local grocers
  • ARAA Food Safety Rating from BRC through AIB
  • In-house fresh-cut operations in the same facility (Cool Creations)
  • Custom product labels for repack items
  • Merchandising services & custom distribution
  • We offer Repack, Ripening, Fruits, Vegetables, Fruit Baskets, Cheese, Dairy, Jams, Jellies and Spices

safe and quality foods

Our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering nothing but the best. We take immense pride in ensuring that every fruit and vegetable we offer is not only irresistibly fresh but also meets the highest standards of safety and quality. From our fields to your table, trust us to provide produce that's a testament to nature's finest, nurtured with care, and guaranteed to delight your taste buds while prioritizing your well-being.

huge truck fleet and dedicated drivers

With 80 refrigerated trucks and trailers our drivers, are able to provide on- time deliveries with minute- to- minute Global Position ing System (GPS) track ing and communication on all orders. In addition we utilize ROAD NET routing software, which contributes to the efficiency, flexibility and effectiveness of deliveries.

200,000 Sq ft facility

Our 200,000 square foot North Kansas City location is a completely refrigerated ware house and dock that insures continuous food safety and product stability. Each room is an individually climate- controlled environment for optimum storage and shelf- life for products. We monitor our environment 24/7 via datalink monitoring. Our refrigeration system is custom- designed for maximum efficiency and reliability to sustain a perpetual cold chain.

Local Produce

We're proud to offer a wide selection of locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Our commitment to local produce goes beyond providing fresh, delicious options; it's about supporting our community and reducing our carbon footprint.

Harvesting Freshness, Cultivating Quality

Your Source for Premium Fruit and Vegetable Produce