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Nurturing Nature's Bounty: Discover Our Story

C&C Produce, a trusted name in the industry, found a natural partnership in GS Foods Group in 2021. Under the dedicated leadership of its founders, Nick Conforti and Joe Cali, the company has continued to flourish. With their extensive experience and unwavering commitment, Nick and Joe have ensured that C&C maintains its reputation for excellence.

Our strength lies not only in our leadership but also in our incredible team. C&C Produce boasts a world-class buying and selling team, complemented by a passionate staff deeply committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Our customer-centric approach means we are always attuned to your specific needs, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional. As we move forward, C&C Produce remains committed to providing top-quality produce and unmatched service to our valued customers.

About C&C Produce

Commitment to the Customer

Serving Kansas City since 1992, with a team of employees catering to every individual customer through communication, superior produce and quality service

Our vision

To provide the highest quality, best value produce in the Midwest, executed by passionate teammates who exceed our customers’ expectations for the first time and every time.

Our mission

Our business is making your business better, since 1992

Our culture

To treat others as they want to be treated by creating a working environment of communication, fairness, appreciation, integrity and respect.

The C&C Advantage

Since 1992, Our Mission has been “Making your Business Better,” by maintaining customer relations through communication, superior product, quality service, and on-time deliveries. We will cater to the individual needs and requirements of each customer no matter how large or small.

We Operate the Largest Produce Warehouse in the Midwest, serving over 4,000 locations. We have continued to grow each year, thru excellent customer satisfaction by providing quality produce by dedicated hardworking teammates.

C&C Produce was acquired by GS Foods Group in 2021. Nick Conforti and Joe Cali (Founders) continue to run the company. C&C has a world-class buying & selling team and staff who is passionate about providing excellent customer service by always focusing on YOUR needs.

Our 200,000 Square Foot Facility, with 10 separate coolers that allow us to hold a large variety and inventory of product at the perfect temperature.

  • We offer 7-days a Week Deliveries
  • Same Day Delivery
  • 99% On-Time Delivery History
  • We Service: MO, KS, NE IA, OK, AR
  • Operate the Largest Locally Grown Produce Program in the Midwest with over 100 Local Growers
  • ARAA Food Safety Rating from BRC through AIB
  • In-House Fresh-Cut Operations in the Same Facility (Cool Creations)
  • We offer Repack, Ripening, Fruits, Vegetables, Fruit Baskets, Cheese, Dairy, Jams, Jellies & Spices
  • Custom Product Labels for Repack Items
  • Merchandising Services & Custom Distribution


Where We Operate


GS Foods Group


A National Leader In School Nutrition And Distribution


Our Purpose

We exist to simply and sustainably nourish the specialized needs of our customers and communities.


Our Vision

provide cost-effective, quality food with exceptional customer service. GS Foods Group is a world-class foodservice distributor. Our decades worth of expertise in the food industry helps you navigate the complexities of foodservice programs. We provide a variety of comprehensive solutions for operating and managing your business.

Our Culture

To build and foster safe, diverse and collaborative, work place focused on accountability and continuous improvement, where teammates are passionate about providing a superior customer experience and treat everyone with respect, appreciation, and integrity.


Our Values

Our Circle of values contains attributes that are both a result of the one before it, and a catalyst for what comes after it. No single attribute can live on its own, and no element takes priority over any other. It’s a symbiotic relationship that thrives as the four elements blend into one movement.

  • Our Community

We are responsible citizens, understanding the need for social, environmental, economic & ethical stewardship.

Social: We respect all races, religions and preferences

Environmental: We will strive to constantly challenge ourselves to find the most sustainable means to preserve resources and act as stewards of our environment

Economic: We are active in our communities as employers, charitable giving and support of local economies

Ethics: We act with integrity and respect for each other and the rule of law

  • Our People

GS Foods Group attracts the best, most qualified individuals combined creating best in class teams.

We treat each other with respect and integrity

Our people are growth-minded

Our leaders are extra-milers constantly in pursuit of the next level

We have a highly collaborative team

We strive for organizational alignment

  • Our Customers

Customers, current & prospective are the engine of our company. Customer centered focus.

Implies performance far above that of the competition

Deep understanding of the customer’s business and their direct/indirect need

Elevates the customer experience and understanding of our company’s value propositions

Provide the tools and resources to make our customers look good in front of their peers, leaders, parents and community

  • Our Service

We strive to create & achieve the Ultimate Customer Experience.

Sincere understanding of the customer’s needs

Relentless pursuit of continuous improvement

Unparalleled use of technology and system support

Commitment to go the “Last Mile”

Successful customer engagement drives sales through colleagues and associates

About GS Foods Group

GS Foods Group (“GS Foods”) is a family of specialized foodservice distribution companies. GS Foods uses its sophisticated network of facilities to provide trusted food distribution and product solutions to specialized foodservice segments, including education, corrections, non-profit, business & industry and healthcare. GS Foods’ independent subsidiaries, Good Source Solutions, Inc. and Gold Star Foods, Inc., collectively serve over 8,000 customers nationwide. GS Foods is owned by affiliates of Highview Capital, LLC and A&M Capital Partners.



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