Cool Creations

Natures Goodness Made Easy

Natures Goodness Made Easy

Our extensive product range includes a variety of cut fruits, vegetables, blends, trays, and even fresh salsa, all meticulously prepared and packaged to your specifications. Located in North Kansas City, Missouri, our facility serves as the epicenter of our daily operations, where our skilled team works diligently to bring you the very best.

Committed to Quality and Food Safety

Quality control and food safety are the cornerstones of our operation. We take these principles seriously. Our facility and employees strictly adhere to rigorous quality control standards and comprehensive food safety programs. To further underscore our dedication to these values, we subject ourselves to third-party audits, ensuring that our products meet and exceed industry standards.

A Partner in Freshness and Excellence

Our commitment to food safety and quality is unwavering, and we operate solely with one goal in mind: to provide you, our valued customers, with the finest produce and service possible. When you choose Cool Creations, you’re not just choosing a brand; you’re choosing a trusted partner in delivering freshness, quality, and excellence to your customers every day.

Deli, Salad bar, & Food Service

Delivering the finest cut fruits, vegetables, and fresh salsa empowers delis, salad bars, and food service establishments to provide their customers with top-notch, healthy options. Cool Creations is your dedicated partner in elevating the dining experience and ensuring that freshness and quality are always on the menu.

Cool exclusives

Discover our exclusive line of premium cut fruits, vegetables, blends, and fresh salsa. Cool Creations sets the standard for culinary innovation, offering unique ingredients to inspire your next masterpiece. Elevate your dishes with our Cool Exclusives and experience freshness and flavor like never before.


Where freshness meets fire. From perfectly seasoned vegetables to tantalizing fruit skewers, Cool Creations Grillers bring sizzle to your grill. Elevate your outdoor dining with the vibrant flavors of our Grillers, designed for culinary enthusiasts and barbecue aficionados alike.


From vibrant fruit platters to delectable veggie trays, Cool Creations is your partner in creating unforgettable party experiences. Our party-ready selections are designed to add a burst of freshness and flavor to your celebrations. Elevate your gatherings with Cool Creations and make every party a culinary sensation.

Grab N Go Items

Fresh, convenient, and delicious snacks and meals. Whether you're in a rush or on the move, Cool Creations ensures you have access to wholesome options that keep pace with your lifestyle. Taste the freshness, savor the convenience, and embrace the goodness of Grab 'N Go with Cool Creations.


Explore a world of culinary possibilities with our exquisite range of fresh-cut vegetables. Cool Creations is dedicated to delivering the highest quality, ready-to-enjoy veggies, adding a burst of freshness and nutrition to your meals. Let your creativity flourish as you savor the goodness of our veggies, a testament to our commitment to your dining experience.

Fruit Items

Indulge in the luscious world of our fresh-cut fruit items. At Cool Creations, we source, prepare, and present nature's finest offerings to elevate your palate. Our commitment to quality and freshness ensures that every bite is a burst of natural sweetness and nutrition. Discover the joy of healthier eating with our delectable fruit items, because freshness is our promise to you.

Pre-book Items

With our pre-book items, you can plan ahead and guarantee access to the freshest produce. Cool Creations empowers you to make informed choices, ensuring you're never without the quality ingredients you need. Stay ahead of the game and savor the convenience of pre-booking with Cool Creations, your partner in freshness.

Harvesting Freshness, Cultivating Quality

Your Source for Premium Fruit and Vegetable Produce